So Mandy Words

After quitting my job I needed some time for myself to find out what I really was looking for and what’s important for me in a job. Actually that were three things; freedom, online and writing creative content.

I love to write creative content! For blogs, for different (online) channels, motivation letters for other people, for websites etc. People were always enthousiasm about my creativity. Of course I thought about freelance work, but it scared me first because becoming a freelancer is a huge step! But what I had to lose? Exactly, totally nothing!

And that’s how I start “So Mandy Words”. I’m a self-starter who would like to positively contribute to the future of the business by writing some great and excellent content. If it’s content for websites, campaigns, marketing expressions, product information or anything. I can handle it.  Because I also have a great experience with Online Campaign Management, I love to help companies with develop and implement strong (omnichannel or online) strategies, which contribute to the overall marketing objectives. Whether for business or commercial, I can be the right person for you!

If you would like to receive more information or having a cup of coffee together? Please, feel free to send me an email at

Digital Marketing specialist ★ Content writer ★ Social Media Addict ★ Born In The Netherlands Raised By The World ★ Proud Blogger of my own Wedding blog